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Meet Your Guide

Hello, I'm Kresta

In January 2011 I made a startling discovery.

I had just undergone a major surgery and was developing an allergic reaction – to something… 

My doctor was completely unhelpful in diagnosing the root cause. His answer was always “more pills.” Unfortunately, I couldn’t be a slave to the nasty side effects…

It was time to take matters into my own hands.

After MUCH research over the next year, I finally discovered a connection. My body was desperately trying to tell me what was wrong, and I didn’t know how to listen! 

After a few simple changes to my diet and my lifestyle, the symptoms magically disappeared! That was the moment I had discovered a master-key to health and wellness.

Since then, my life has been focused on helping others learn to listen to their bodies and live their best lives.

Liquid miracles

Essential Oils

In August 2012, I was introduced to essential oils and learned how to utilize these valuable tools to assist my body in finding balance.

Essential oils are a great ally for supporting the body and mind. The many homemade cleaning supplies I learned to make not only reduced the toxins I was exposed to, but I noticed that my hormone balance was also shifting to a more positive place.

I can teach you how to use oils for your specific needs. It’s fun finding combinations that work great and save money.

Health Is freedom

Wellness & Vitality

In May 2016, I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a certified holistic health coach. This knowledge and training was the catalyst in living out my destiny. I wanted to help my friends on a deeper level. I knew that food was the key to addressing the root causes of the challenges they shared with me daily. In September 2019, I enrolled in The School of Applied Functional Medicine to deepen that knowledge.

Today, I work with people just like you. We create a lifestyle that not only makes sense for you, individually, but we also strategize solutions that empower you to feel fantastic!

A better life

The doTerra Opportunity

When working with doTERRA essential oils and supplements, you have an opportunity to take part in their unique business model. I became a doTERRA Wellness Advocate and educator and now enjoy a steady and comfortable residual income, along with a more stress-free and enjoyable life.

While this business model is not for everyone, it has proven to be an absolute God-send for me and many others in my network. 

If you are a motivated person that loves sharing and interacting with others, this opportunity could change your life.