DIY Probiotics

This week, I have been playing a lot with probiotic-rich foods and drinks. I’ve had my very first sourdough starter going for a couple months now and have created things like pancakes and waffles, sourdough crackers, bread, and rolls with it. My husband was always in charge of sourdough before and his experience was limited to pancakes. Mine has produced some of the fluffiest pancakes I’ve ever made and some of the tastiest sourdough bread I’ve ever had. On top of the benefit of yummy food, the gut support we are getting is fantastic!

Probiotics are crucial to a healthy gut. We do so many things each day that can reduce the levels of healthy flora that aids in digestion and overall feelings of wellness. Replenishing that flora – or giving our tummy some tools to allow for a friendly ecosystem is really important and easy. Did you know that 70% of our immune system resides in our gut? Did you also know that our massive amounts of sugar consumption or antibiotic use can deplete the flora that resides there making us susceptible to illness. Not good.

So, getting creative and having foods like sourdough, kefir, and kombucha is a great way to keep our microbiome healthy and strong. Check out how to make your own water kefir here:

Water kefir has become my new favorite lately! I love how easy it is and I especially love that I get more every 2 days. It grows and multiplies as you make it, so I’m excited to have enough to make a second jar of it. My kids are taking a liking to it as well! There’s nothing better than being able to support your kid’s healthy guts too. Sick kids are no fun, so anything we can do to help boost immune systems is a win in my book.

Do you consume fermented foods or drinks daily? Have you ever wanted to know how to make your own? Make the time to figure it out because you can save a lot of money and it tastes so good! Stay tuned for more tips and videos!


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