Is Your Food Making You Sick

We are already on Day 4 of our Gut Challenge. Today might be the toughest so far, but I’ll go easy on you! We get to talk about the foods that make our gut health deteriorate. But, before I get started with that, I need you to understand that I am not here to tell you NOT to eat something. You’re a big kid and can make your own choices, right? I am a firm believer in eating what you LOVE as long as it loves you back. 🙂 All things are fine in moderation, which you know already. So, let’s do this quick, like pulling off a bandaid.
You already know the main food culprits are processed foods (including fast food), foods high in sugar (including high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners), animal products (like meat and dairy), gluten, and GMOs. Whew, that was pretty painless, right? 😉
There are two major problems with these foods, however, and today, I give you permission to own these truths. After all, once you do that, you take full control over what’s happening in your body. The first is that these foods are huge temptations for most of us, right? But, we can overcome those temptations and I want to show you how. First of all, the key is balance. All things in moderation, right? It’s not the end of the world if you indulge in your favorite snack. The only time it becomes a problem is when you choose that snack as your main source of nutrition. That just doesn’t make sense, does it? The second major problem is that these foods contribute greatly to inflammation in the body that leads to discomfort, disease and illness, excess weight, tummy upset, bad skin, and hormone fluctuations to name only a few. So, they are the likely cause of when we feel the crappiest! Is that liter of diet soda worth all that? NO!
Here’s what we can do instead – we find healthier versions of the foods we love so that we get our cravings met while allowing our internal ecosystem to flourish. In my Embracing You program, we go into a lot of detail with recipes, tips, and tricks! In past sessions, members of the group have shared some of their favorite recipes and meal plans! It’s fun to experiment. And it’s even more fun when the group comes together as a team to share their own challenges and triumphs! Be empowered like the superstar you are!wonder-woman-1016324_960_720
So, what would you say your most favorite naughty food is? Would you be interested in finding a suitable substitute for that food? Or even finding substitutes for other naughty things and saving that one as your occasional guilty pleasure? 
Come back tomorrow when we chat more about Probiotics


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2 thoughts on “Is Your Food Making You Sick”

    1. Ironically, there is healthy chocolate! You want to avoid high fructose corn syrup or any artificial ingredients. But there are some brands who do avoid those things! Dark chocolate is usually better for you, too. My favorite part is sampling till I find one I love! Mmmm!

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