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Have you ever experienced a completely unexplainable bad mood? Have you ever felt sad and didn’t know why? Or have you ever felt like this and did know why only to continue to feel like there was no relief in sight? Or what about feeling so dog tired no matter how much you sleep? Well, first of all, may I offer you a huge cyber hug? Nothing is worse than feeling out of control emotionally. But, let me assure you, there are ways to overcome it – or at least help yourself manage it better so that it doesn’t rule your entire life.
Poor gut health can bring about many physical and emotional symptoms. For some, candida, which is a massive yeast overgrowth in your body, is the culprit. Have you heard of candida? Let’s chat a little more about it. Candida is more than just a bit of extra yeast. It’s actually beyond a yeast infection. It’s so strong that it transforms into a parasite. Your intestinal tract becomes home to a colony of worms that thrive on sugar or bread or anything that can convert to sugar in your system. Gross, huh!! And as bad as this is, candida is tough to get back under control because sugar is in everything and is so difficult to eliminate for the time it takes to cleanse the body of this challenge. Candida can make you crave sugar more strongly than you’ve ever craved it before. It’s telling you to feed it. When you do, it can elicit emotions of sadness, depression, and mood swings. It can make you feel like total crap!! The sad fact is that 70% of Americans have this problem and likely have no idea! Are you one of them?
Did you know that candida can also have a horrible effect on energy levels? Poor gut health can make you feel drained no matter how much sleep you get. Your body is working overtime to function optimally, but if your gut is needing some attention, it can put you into a state of never enough sleep. In my Embracing You program, I go through a whole segment on creating optimal sleep hygiene and I even offer solutions to help even the lightest of sleepers to get better rest.
Want to perform your own candida test? Here’s how:
Cleansing for candida can be tricky, but it can be done. With some sheer determination and will power, you can make the situation tremendously better by making some temporary dietary changes and using supplements that can assist. For more information on these changes, contact me for a private consultation.
So, take an inventory of your mood. Are you consuming foods that are contributing to the grump? Are you battling candida? I’d love to help you get to the bottom of it. YOU deserve to lead a HAPPY, healthy life. I can promise that someone out there needs you to be your best self.
Stay tuned for Food Culprits next!


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