Today, I wanted to talk to you about probiotics. Have you ever used them? In case you aren’t sure what they are, let me explain. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that allow the flora in your gut to flourish and thrive. When that flora is happy, you are better able to absorb nutrients and fight infection. What you might not know is that prebiotics can help prepare the gut to receive the probiotics and protect them so your stomach acid doesn’t eat them all up.
If you’ve ever looked at a bottle, you’ve probably seen there are 50 billion CFU’s or colony forming units. There needs to be a lot because that stomach acid is pretty powerful stuff. But, you can also benefit from a supplement or even foods that contain smaller quantities, but have prebiotics involved so then you are still gaining benefit from using them.
So, what are some good probiotic-rich foods? Lately, my favorites are kombucha, water kefir, and sourdough. All are made right here in my home and all taste amazing. You’re probably very familiar with sourdough, so I won’t explain much there other than to say that fermented bread is delicious. And if you struggle with consuming large amounts of bread, I would encourage you to try sourdough, as many people actually find that it does not affect them in the same way as regular bread.
Kombucha and water kefir, however, are fermented drinks. Both use a bacteria source, are fed with their respective liquid and sugar, and allowed to ferment for the appropriate number of days in the cabinet. Once they are ready, most of the sugar has been eaten by the bacteria and created a lightly fizzy drink. This is when they can be bottled and refrigerated. I like to consume at least 12 ounces of one of these drinks daily. They are really good.
You can also get into fermented veggies that are a great source of probiotics. Things like kimchi and sauerkraut are great options. Yogurt is also a good source of probiotics and has beneficial bacteria that makes guts happy if you do not have problems with dairy. 
Have you ever tasted kombucha before? Would you consider making it at home? I would love to share specific recipes if you have an interest! It’s very easy and you can save a lot of money. 


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