Toxin Awareness

Toxins are everywhere. Ev. Ry. Where. There is no amount of effort we can put in to avoid them all… well, unless we decide to live inside a bubble, and even that’s not guaranteed, because what is the plastic made of?! And when all those toxins are playing around together in our bodies, that’s when the big C word can show up, or our hormones can become way out of balance, or we just feel like crap and don’t know why. But, despite that, we DO have control over a great deal of the toxins we expose ourselves to on a daily basis.

That’s where I come in. I love showing people how they can be more conscientious of their own environments. I love teaching them how to do things a little differently. But let’s take a look at a few of the main contributors to the toxins in our homes. (There are many, many more, but that’s a post for another day and let’s face it – this is real life, right? While microwaves put off all kinds of horrible things, the majority of the population is probably not willing to get rid of theirs. We’ll talk about that, later in this post.)

  • Household cleaners or air fresheners.
  • Personal care products like perfumes, shampoo, shaving cream, or makeup (among others).
  • Foods with lots of preservatives, artificial ingredients.
  • Sugar.

toxin-free-image-200These types of items are probably in 98% of the homes in this country. We like things to smell good, but few people actually stop to think about what those synthetic scents are doing in their (or their kids’ and pets’) blood streams. Wouldn’t it make sense to utilize something safer to provide scent to our homes where our children and pets reside? Here’s how! You can pick up a diffuser on Amazon for very inexpensive and then pop over to Pinterest to find all kinds of essential oil diffuser blends you can try. Not only are you creating a lovely scent, you are getting the side benefits of purifying your air! Need help choosing essential oils? Click here.

Household cleaners are no different. Did you know that stay-at-home-moms have a higher risk of cancer due to the toxins they expose themselves to on a daily basis just by cleaning their homes? Wouldn’t it make sense to find alternatives to those chemicals and decrease that risk? There are lots of different brands that are non-toxic that you could use instead, or you can use what your grandma probably used – baking soda and vinegar! Seriously, there are all kinds of recipes for all purpose cleaner, window cleaner, laundry detergent, and air freshener spray that you can create with ingredients you have on hand now and for pennies on the dollar. Oh wait, you mean you can save money, too?? Yep. It’s true! I just made a batch of liquid laundry detergent that yielded 10 gallons of product. In a HE washer, that means around 640 loads. For about $3. Can’t beat that, right?! Scent with your favorite essential oils and you get clean and fresh-smelling. Bonus!

Lastly, we have our foods. This one is trickiest for most people because we live in such a fast-paced life and stopping off at the burger joint on the way home from work is just easier. You are right, and those occasional stops are not entirely bad. It’s when we make them a normal occurrence that we need to become more aware. Not to mention the expense!! If money is tight, stopping at a restaurant of any kind is not your friend. With some planning and minor preparation, you can feed your family for far less than it would cost to grab a meal on the go. But, we’re addicted to those foods because of the brilliant marketing of the companies that make them. Added sugar is everywhere and some of the highly-processed sugar is not good for the long-term wellness of our bodies! So, I ask you, if you knew your risk of illness would be lower and you could lose weight, would you cut back your sugar consumption?

But, what about when life really does step in and we simply can’t avoid doing some of these things? The key here is then to give our body the tools it needs to process those toxins OUT. Whether that means to do a routine cleanse every few months, or do something “cleansing” every day. It’s important to understand what we are doing inside our own bodies. People don’t generally change until something catastrophic happens in their life. They may find that their addiction to diet soda is no big deal until they find themselves in front of their doc who could be explaining a situation where the ingredients in that soda are contributing. Oops. How many of us would go back and do things differently BEFORE the problem arose? How many would do the same and simply suffer the consequences? Or worse yet, force our loved ones to suffer because of our choices? It’s a tough question to answer.

If you would like help in learning more about what you’ve got going in in YOUR life and would like customized tips on how YOU can become more aware if the toxins in your home, contact me! I would love to give you a free 30-minute consultation. Follow me on Facebook for lots of tips and videos. 🙂


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